About Me

I was born in Muncie, Indiana on May 3, 1994. That was when the mayhem started… it really hasn’t stopped since! My parents moved several times when I was a kid; I’ve lived in Indiana, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh for a total of 5 seconds and Philadelphia for a bit longer), Maryland, and California, the state that I currently call home.

I moved to Los Angeles when I was 16 to pursue acting. I am currently signed with Mike Baldridge at Momentum Talent Agency and Debbie Entin with Brilliant Talent Management and they work wonders! Acting is my life and I am constantly on set, auditioning, and honing my craft (not necessarily in that order).

I’m a student at California State University Northridge with a film production major. I love movies from all angles; being behind the camera offers a totally different but just as rewarding opportunity as being in front of it. I aspire to be involved with this industry in one way or another.

When I am not going to school or acting, I sit cross-legged on the ground, hands folded, staring at a wall. No, in seriousness I’ve got three primary hobbies: photography, reading, and video games. I love love love taking pictures and Photoshop preoccupies copious amounts of my time. I like all kinds of books, but I go through really severe swings in what and how much I’m reading. Today it is Stephen King, tomorrow it is The Epic of Gilgamesh. I’m a fan of third person shooters on Playstation, as well. First person – not my thing. Peer to peer – not my thing. I guess that may change, right?

I’d like to think of myself as a pretty approachable and agreeable person. I enjoy meeting new people and always want to experience new things. That’s really cliche, however, and so I refuse to end with that. Instead, I’ll go with the completely original phrase, “Carpe Diem!”